Free Group Support

This page is for people to ask questions, offer support, ask for prayer requests, offer advice to others. Group counseling will be offered eventually as the site grows for a reduced price. This blog is free. I will add to it but this is for clients to help other clients. ***Remember a true therapist’s goal is to help the client become their own therapist and to not need someone else to “fix them”.***


One thought on “Free Group Support

  1. I will start and demonstrate what this page can be used for. I struggle with trauma myself. I was bullied everyday in a small country school. I was called “fag”, “homo”, “McQueerson”, beat up several times, humiliated in public. I felt hated, ignored, worthless, terrified most of the day. I only felt safe in class. In between classes where students could roam the halls before their next class and lunch was a nightmare. I had no one to attach to, to go and “hang out” with. I felt and was looked as weird, weak, loser and it was reinforced daily. I wouldn’t leave my house in fear I would see someone from school. Weekend nights when I knew people were cruising with their friends around town was a nightmare for me. I cried and weeped to God asking why could I not have friends to just ride in a car with and act silly. I ate in a classroom during my freshman year, shaking nervously every single day afraid someone would find me. The only One I had was God. School was a place of torment for me and I internalized this. I never felt safe, I would watch shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and see the friendship of the actors on the show and cry so hard wondering why not me? What did I do? This was the beginning on my life and lasted for 20 years or so…then I overcame! “For we are More than Overcomers, through Him (Jesus) who first loved us”…Jesus delivered me and made me New as He promises and gave me His strength. He freed me from the bondage of fear. This is just a part of my story and the inspiration to help others fight the battles in their lives. This is why this site exists.


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