Lucky or Blessings? What is the difference?

“Good luck” as people wish someone as they are leaving on a job interview or going on a date. The words we use are very important and per Jesus “will all be judged”. Therefore, while our hearts most likely have no malcontent is it praising God by saying “Good luck”. When I thought of this I did not feel it was innocent to say anymore. “All good things come from the Father of Heavenly Lights” as the Word says. When we wish someone good luck it goes against the Gospel and the sovereign will of God. I personally say God Bless, I know you will be good (knowing Who is with the person I am stating these words too. “May the Lord Bless and Keep you” is Scripture and again the “Word is suitable for all teaching”. I think this is a lesson to be aware of. If someone reads this and thinks “oh whatever, God does not care if I wish someone good luck”, then I would say ask Him and you will probably be surprised. He is the One who “blesses all people”. He is the One “through whom all blessings flow”. I use this example to be very aware, again, of what you believe, why, and how you behave. You do not have to be a Christian to benefit from this lesson. What we say, people listen too, and when I hear people give credit to anyone but Christ such as “karma” “the universe”, “fate”. They are in direct opposition of His command which is to “Love the Lord with all our minds, hearts, souls and strength.”

Is this legalistic, you can say that but to be blunt it is about being aware of our words, actions, beliefs and how they impact every area of our life and relationships especially with the One who gave His life “as a ransom for the world’s sins”. The Lamb of God “is worthy of our praise” and I think is worthy of giving Him the glory vs Satan who is anything such as “luck”. There is no in between people! Either Jesus or Satan..there is “no other name under Heaven which people can be saved but Jesus”.

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