“When Love (Jesus ) Broke Through!”

Driving down the road today and saw a guy walking and picked him up. Heard his story, had 2 DUI’s, loves his son, loves Jesus but down on his luck….That is his story but we talked about his next chapter in life…who writes it I asked him. He pondered and I helped Him…Jesus..His name changes everything, his thinking, emotions changed, his hope increased. So I took him to his very humble home, prayed with him, a grown man started crying tears of relief, hope, and it was a beautiful picture. The power of Christ was very present on a country road when I was on my way to shop.

I tell this not to brag at all about helping someone, but when we stop to hear someone’s story and listen, then encourage them to let Jesus write their story, the power of God enters, Oceans part, dry bones come alive, Hope roars like a Lion…”Do not be afraid” 365 times were commanded by Jesus…If you are afraid of helping someone because they might smell from sweating because they are walking down a country road then you might need more help than that person. “When Love Broke Through” by Toby Mac comes to mind today as I experienced this awesome interaction that Jesus planned. I pray that God’s love broke through my new friend today…Let His love break through in your life and through you…

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