Mental Health

Mental Health is a part of medicine that cannot be seen under the microscope they used to say, therefore it was not medicine. This is not the case as technology has developed to show, for example, MRI results have displayed certain areas of the brain in patients with certain diagnoses including Addictions. Generally, most addictions are linked to the pleasure center of the brain; however, in the past few years gambling addiction has been found to go to a separate part of the brain but has been found to have the feelings equivalent to the use of cocaine. Mental health varies from culture to culture, and it has evolved from Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine to county to county within a State. There are different cultural perceptions of mental health, illnesses, treatment, psychiatry etc among the vast regions of the United States. Awareness of mental health has increased in the media, both negative and positive.

The treatment of mental health is based much more in science and the combination of pharmacology and therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), has proven to be the most effective when treating mood disorders such as depression. Research is vast in mental health and continues to help clinicians hone their skills to help patients with proper diagnosing and treatment plans. CBT is currently the most accepted therapy that insurance companies will pay for. Insurance is a strong variable now in the treatment of mental health conditions. Therapy used to be more of an art form and still is but documentation and paperwork can keep therapists from meeting the needs of the community. There are blessing and curses with science, technology, government, insurance, but this is not just poignant in Psychiatry but all facets of medicine. The good news is the goal of clinical treatment for mental health continues to help patients have hope, decreased symptoms, higher quality of life, and the people who enter the field continue to have the heart of a servant, which will most likely be the most stable tenet of behavioral health forever. Telemedicine and online counseling is helping people who were not able to ascertain treatment even 10 years ago. People with agoraphobia, the fear of leaving enclosed spaces, are acquiring long needed treatment as this population has not had the resources needed to overcome their diagnoses and symptoms. Hope, support, victory, and overcoming challenges continues to abound in mental health treatment, This article is not capable of exploring all the facets of psychiatry and mental health but hopefully this article helps the reader have a greater understanding in the world of Mental Health.

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