“Are You Okay?”

Therapy Minute: Are you equipped? Are you ready to be an amazing father, employee, pastor, grandma, student, boss? Do you have what it takes to do this, to please this person, to hate the right things, to post the right posts on Facebook, the give just the right amount to the church, to eat the certain amount of calories, and on and on and on….Wow!!

I am exhausted freaking thinking about all we have to do, to perform, to hate or love the right things, to be and look a certain way…BUT I am glad I know the Truth! The Savior, the Redeemer, The Equipper, The Supplier of Eternity, The Great I AM, the Resurrection and the Life, “the Lamb of God who takes away ALL the sins of (you, me, our friends, family, enemies), the world!”…we are free to not have to worry about how many likes we get on a post, how many pounds we gain or lose, who we piss off who we….etc etc…We are Equipped to be A Child of God just like Jesus…He frees us to Love and to Forgive ourselves and others…to want to do great things to bring the Kingdom come, but we are not condemned for not doing enough or too much…We are FREE, chains falling, hope beyond comprehension, living forever with Him, your stone is rolled away in front of your grave!

“For I am Bold, my God is right beside me, I will not be afraid” Psalms 16:8

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