And the Dark runs from the Light!

In the Dark of night, the darkness in the mind, the heart, our lives fear can be overwhelming. Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, confusion, anger, guilt, shame all make the dark of night much, much worse. These emotions “infect” and affect our minds and hearts to think and act in ways we are not created too. In Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) one of my favorite therapy techniques is “go where Angels dare to tread”. This means a therapist is to go where angels of God might fear to go. While personally I do no believe Angels fear the dark since they know the Lord and His eternal authority, I still love the message in the technique. The Light of Hope that we have in God breaks through the dark with an explosion of blinding, pure Light! When someone believes the pain experienced due to depression, the fear anxiety produces causing panic attacks, or the shame from past mistakes can be destroyed, hope breaks through. When someone calls on Jesus in therapy or life they start to believe in themselves again, believe they are worth dying for, know the truth for the first time they can be free from their chains, hope lights the dark.

In the War of the Mind, where darkness can rule and dictate how a person thinks, feels and behaves a person starts to believe that is what they deserve. We are sheep, weak, and when we do not know any other way than darkness, abuse, lies, fear, evil itself we feel worthless, hopeless, and unworthy of Love. I have found working with people in therapy and through my own experiences as a patient that the darkness while horrible is comfortable. Believing I can change and  to be free was something I never thought possible. Sometimes I did not want to think it was possible to have joy, peace, freedom because it was to scary to change being afraid all the time. However, the moment when a person believes for the first time “I am not how I see myself”, “I am worth knowing”, or “God loves me just the way I am and I can love myself because of Him” the darkness is afraid! A major goal of therapy is to help a person change their story, to make the darkness afraid of them vs being afraid of the dark. It is pure joy to see a person come alive again in therapy, to see them smile again, to see Love fill their hearts, to see Freedom ring. Therapy is work, changing the lies in the mind that someone has believed for years or maybe their whole life is and can be a daunting task. However, I have been in the dark, in the trenches, feeling alone but as I have learned just because I felt alone does NOT MEAN I was alone. I had the Savior, the Redeemer, the Great I AM, God with me, carrying me, leading me to Him.

Jesus said “I am the Light of the World and whoever follows Me (belongs to Me) will not walk in darkness but have the Light of life”. When we have Jesus we belong to Him forever and He is ours. He lives inside of us, the Bible even promises we have the “mind of Christ”. Jesus promises He is “making all things new”. This means our beliefs, emotions, behaviors, relationships, diagnoses, our lives. If you are in the dark, literally, figuratively or both, there is more hope than humans can fathom in Christ. Therapy is a way of defeating the dark and owning your mind vs it owning you. “The truth shall set you (us) free”! Jesus says “I am the Truth and the Life”, therefore, knowing Christ you can not, not know the truth. This means you and I are destined to have dominion over the dark and rule it versus letting it infect our lives. Finally, John 1:5 “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.

This post was written with the intention of inspiring people to call on Jesus to shine His light in their lives, minds, hearts, and souls. To know Jesus is to be free. “When Jesus sets us Free, we are Free Indeed”! I have helped people personally and professionally to overcome their fears, the dark and let the light of hope blow away their fears. Help is here, in the night or day. This site is dedicated to give people help no matter what time it is. I end this post with a quote from one of my heroes, Helen Keller, a lady who was blind and deaf, “the world is full of suffering but it is also full of overcoming it”!

“We are MORE than Overcomers, through Him (Jesus) who first Loved us”

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