To Honor 2 Heroes for Christ

I see posts for Heroes from overseas who gave their lives and we hit “like” Love, sad, etc…I am posting this for 2 ladies, Rachel and Cassie, both 17 years old passed away at Columbine High School in Denver Colorado area. They were both murdered for not denying Christ. Cassie was asked with rifle to her head if she believed in God? She was told if she says yes she will be shot in the head if she says no in the knee…She said yes.

Rachel, was shot in the abdominal area and the 2 shooters came upon her and said “Do you still believe in God” She bravely said yes and was shot in the head to finish her off. I weep a bit for I know they are with their King, but these ladies, Daughters of the Most High, are Heroes, are the definition of being Brave.

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but going through the fear knowing Who is with you.- Adam Dale Pearson

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