Thoughts, Emotions and Behavior: The Unending Relationship

How many thoughts do we process a day? Millions of conscious and unconscious thoughts. These thoughts create emotions. Our emotions affect our behavior and choices. They are separate but always together. When one changes for good or bad the others are effected. When we correct our irrational thoughts and beliefs, our emotions evolve, and our behavior changes, leading to decreased pathology. We learn new coping skills and begin to take control of our minds versus being a slave to it. This is therapy, retraining the mind to think healthy. Therapy is like going to the gym when you work with me for example, I am hard core coach. I demand you to work and get results so you are free of your brain’s dominion over you and you become the composer of you.

One of the most common questions I have heard in providing mental health is what is the difference between emotions and mood? Emotions are fleeting, they are ever changing, constant. A person’s mood lasts for a longer duration of time. An example of a typical mood is, “I am in a depressed mood”. A depressed mood can last for hours, even days. Getting back to emotions, one of the most important lessons to learn is they are not always true! For example, if I believe I am evil to the core and there is nothing good about me. This belief creates emotions such as guilt, fear, etc. Are these emotions true, no! They are valid because I am feeling them but they are not true because the belief that CREATED the EMOTIONS is false, irrational. Everything we believe needs to be as accurate, factual, and true as possible. These core beliefs create emotions which AFFECT our behavior.

Change creates change is an idiom I use in my personal and professional life. As we learn how we perceive ourselves, the world, and how the world views us we gain valuable insight into what thoughts needs altered. Most of the time, however, we need someone else’s help at first such as a therapist. It is the therapist’s goal to teach you to become your own therapist. When I see a client my goal is for them to reach the point they will never need me again! However, I always ensure they know they can come back at any point to coordinate and help with the War in the Mind. What lies are you believing about yourself now? “I’m horrible”, “No one likes me”, “I am ugly, unlovable, not worthy”. I bet you have experienced times when you think others are thinking these thoughts about you! This is your mind projecting your fears into a delusion, when 99% of the time people are thinking much better about you than you are, or they are not thinking about you at all. When a client who believes for example, “I am not worthy of love” starts to doubt that belief that have had for their life, hope increases, the wall starts to crack. The belief that has had the client in chains break and they believe they truth they are worthy of love and freedom rings. There is no greater joy in seeing people start to win the war in their mind.

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