Projection: What are Others Thinking about Me and Why?

Projection: When we are worried about what other people are thinking of when about us such as: “He’s fat”, “she’s ugly!”, “what a weirdo” “they don’t want me around”, “she’s a whore” “he’s not worthy”. Sound familiar? Projection is a defense mechanism. It is a way our brains get relief from the stress of the relationship we have with ourselves by implicating others to think the same way we think of us! Our brains pathologically want others to support the lies we believe, so we are validated in believing irrational thoughts about ourselves. This is why in therapy I tell people one goal of treatment is that you take charge of your mind. Most of us have been our brain’s Bitch! Pardon my French, but it is time to take charge of your mind and let the “Truth set you free” of who you really are and how eternally valuable you are!

We “project: our worse fears and insecurities on others, while they are thinking other things such as the things we just listed! What YOU believe about YOUrself= what YOU typically believe others think of YOU, good or bad. Again, the most important relationship to have with anyone, other than God, is with yourself. All relationships are impacted, infected, improved, destroyed, and so on from the mirror you have of YOU!

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