Amazing Grace, How Powerful the Sound!

Truth is a fierce weapon to those who want to be Free!

Do you know the truth about you, a situation, who God is? If you are reading this and someone accused you of being illiterate, not being able to read, you would know without DOUBT, that the accusation is false and you move forward. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we did that so much more with the Truth about who we are, the value of our lives are worth that God gave His own life for us. The truth that you can be free of shame and guilt. When we do something wrong or fail in our culture it seems people believe trying to shame us, or calling us a FAILURE or another label will help everyone to make all things right??? What??? Is that what Jesus commands when He says “Do all things in Love”. Regret, Guilt, Shame, emotions that are felt but only for as long as we choose too. Jesus’s blood took care of having to feel those emotions. We can choose instead to enjoy His Love, Grace, Power, Joy, Freedom in Him! He trumps logic, He trumps the should “feel this”, “should have done this”, the “regrets”, the “failures”. You name it He covers You and Me. “Godly kindness leads to repentance (turning away from evil choices less)”. Being kind and loving to people, who sin (all of us including to ourselves), is how we will grow and change.

The prostitute who was at Jesus’s feet at the taxpayer’s house met her Savior and cried at His feet and wiped her tears with her hair. The “good people” looked at Jesus wondering why He was talking to the slut of the town. God said to her, “While your sins are many, they are forgiven”. Can you imagine the Love she felt for Christ at that moment! She did not have to do anything to EARN His love and forgiveness, just receive it. The “good people” who need Grace too for how they are thinking asked the Redeemer, Why are You talking to her? He responded “How much more will she love Me because of the depth of My forgiveness for all her numerous sins.Will she not love Me more than someone who believes they sinned little anything to forgive?!”(paraphrased a little to make a point)

Starting with yourself, receive forgiveness for you from you because of Him. “But no, I don’t deserve it!” “But that isn’t right!” But….the buts go on and on. However, “where sin goes Grace goes much further”. Therefore, again how we think based upon how we are raised in this world does not usually match with how God commands us to treat ourselves and others. Notice how I continually emphasize, “OURSELVES”. In therapy, albeit individual, group, family, the most important relationship is the one with yourself. How we see and treat ourselves will effect all other relationships. Be nice to yourself, know the truth about you, choose to feel ashamed if you want or Freedom. If you are in Christ, though, you are “Free Indeed if Christ set you Free”..How you want to feel is up to you. What a Savior!

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